Ouste is a creative workshop dedicated to artistic production and design based in Brussels since 2015.

Born from the association of Sandro Della Noce et Benjamin Dufour, Ouste concentrates the talents of artists, craftsmen, architects, designers or engineers to design and carry out all kinds of tailor-made projects: works of art, works of craftsmanship or design, furniture, scenography, interior architecture, space design, etc.


Ouste has the distinction of being both a place of creation and a production workshop equipped for many types of work (wood, metal, concrete, PVC, mechanics, electricity, electronics, structure, color, light, textile … ). Every imagined project can be tested and realized quickly. We thus offer a complete follow-up and an optimal coordination of the different trades intervening within our premises of more than 400m2.

All our experience is mobilized for the accompaniment and the realization of your most ambitious projects.